I Feel Love, HD Video , Zoe Williams, 2013

Black Obsidian Horse Dildo, found object on perspex display stand on Jade Laquer Counter, Soft Paste 2013

Orgy Urn, Hand modelled glazed ceramic containing resin incense mix on Jade Laquer Box, 2012.

Gem69, Pigmented soap cast scented with grapefruit oil, taken from 3D print of the digital object, 2013.

Soft Paste, main exhibition view SWG3 Gallery Glasgow, showing Jade Counter and I feel Love, 2013.

Soft Pate, Installation view showing Blue Suedette Curtain, Orgy Urn and Jade Laquer Box, Studio Warehouse Gallery, Glasgow 2013

Conch Shell, detail of found object on Jade Laquer Counter , Soft Paste 2013

Soft Paste, exhibition view SWG3 Gallery Glasgow,  2013